What is FTMS?

The FiTness Machine Service protocol, better known as FTMS, is the latest Bluetooth standard used to control fitness equipment including treadmills, training bikes, and rowing machines. Follow our guide to find out if your treadmill is FTMS enabled. What does FTMS mean in the real world? FTMS is revolutionising app development as we know it! […]

How to export a Session as a FIT file

Introduction A FIT file is all of the data on this page condensed to one file so that other apps such as Strava and Training Peaks can read the data and display it through their dashboards.If you connect your Strava or Training peaks account to our Kinni app, then you already have the feature to […]

How to change units on Kinni

Introduction Everyone is different in how they want to measure things, that’s why we give you the choice! How to do it By default the app is set to metric units, which means the data you see with be displayed in metres and kilometres. You can also set the app’s units to imperial units, which […]

How to connect to your treadmill

Connecting to your treadmill enables Kinni to communicate and control your treadmill. This allows you to run Workouts without needing to manually adjust the treadmill’s speed and incline. Full Support This option provides the most advanced control for devices but does not support all devices. Scan and Connect to your treadmill Open the Kinni app, and […]

What are Workouts?

Workouts are a list of instructions that the Kinni app sends to your treadmill. Workouts allow you to focus on your training without having to touch the treadmill at all! Here is how Workouts work in the Kinni app: First, you connect your phone or tablet to your treadmill. Go to the Run tab At […]

What are Preset Workouts?

Preset Workouts are Workouts that the Kinni team have created with the help expert coaches. We have created a few presets in the app that anyone can run, right away. These Preset Workouts are available to everyone for free, and can be found in the app on the Preset screen in the Workouts tab – […]

What are Custom Workouts?

Custom Workouts are Workouts that you create! The Kinni app has a fully featured Workout Creator built in, which allows you to easily customise your training sessions. Custom Workouts consist of many Splits. Depending on the type of Workout you would like to create, each Split can have instructions for speed, incline, and duration. Units […]

How to convert a Session into a Workout

Introduction Have you ever completed a training session where the incline and speed vary throughout, and after viewing the stats you want to run it again? Well, now you can! The Kinni app makes it easy to convert any session that you have previously completed into a Custom Workout. Doing this will allow you to run […]

How to create a Custom Workout

Custom Workouts are Workouts that you create yourself. There are three ways of creating a your own Workout: With the Workout Creator (which this article covers) By converting a previous session into a Custom Workout Customise one of our workouts from the Workout Library and saving to your workouts Once you have created a Custom […]

How to measure and calibrate your treadmill’s incline

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure and adjust the incline of a treadmill if Kinni is able to control your treadmill fully. This is particularly useful when calibrating, and adjusting your treadmill for use with apps that use incline data like Zwift, or our Kinni app. Read about some incline terminology here […]