Can’t find treadmill when scanning

Can’t see your treadmill when Scanning from the Kinni app?

We have provided some troubleshooting below for you, to try to help!

1. The Classic off/on

Try totally rebooting your device that is using the Kinni app and your treadmill too.

2. Open Kinni first

If you are trying to connect your treadmill, Kinni and another platform e.g. Zwift, together using FitCast, make sure you open Kinni first.

Sometimes opening the other apps first, may not allow your treadmill to be visible in Kinni.

3. Kinni on more than one device?

Please ensure you are not trying to connect Kinni from more than one device e.g. phone and tablet, and your treadmill is connecting to the other device. 

4. Enable location 

Kinni needs to be able to access your Location data. Please ensure this is set to ‘Always’ on your chosen device using Kinni.

5. Flash the both HR and FTMS firmware modules (NoblePro customers only)

  1. Open the NoblePro Firmware Update app and click onto the second tab “Connect to your treadmill” and connect to HR-XXXX
  2. Go onto the first tab “Flash new firmware” and select ‘noblepro-hrm-v2.ufw’
  3. Select Flash new firmware
  4. Ensure this goes to 100% and says ‘successful’
  5. Go onto “Connect to your treadmill” and select NoblePro-Connect
  6. Go onto the first tab “Flash new firmware” and select ‘noblepro-connect-v3.ufw’
  7. Select Flash new firmware
  8. Ensure this goes to 100% and says ‘successful’

IMPORTANT: You must reboot your treadmill and phone/device using the NoblePro Firmware update app

If you still cannot see your NoblePro treadmill after this, please flash the HR module again (sometimes it just needs an extra nudge!)

If you still need our help, please contact [email protected] and a member of the Kinni team will be happy to help!

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