How to find the Kinni app version

Introduction This page explains how to identify the Kinni app version. Kinni is a mobile device app, available for everyone to download on the App Store and Play Store. How to find the software version Open the Kinni and click on your Settings at the bottom right hand corner. Scroll

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Why does my treadmill keep starting when using Zwift?

There have been reports of treadmills starting or resuming a session without user input when connected to Zwift. This issue is solely related to the Zwift app as the treadmills are functioning as per design. What is happening? The Zwift app is sending the treadmill start session instructions via Bluetooth

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Does my treadmill have FTMS Bluetooth?

The world of Bluetooth can be a bit of a black box. This article aims to bring some light to the FiTness Machine Service (FTMS) Bluetooth protocol. We will be focusing on the basic requirements to identify, get data and control your treadmill via Bluetooth. If you are wondering what

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