Customise our Workout library

The Kinni Workout library contains lots of workouts that you can choose from, that anyone can run, right away.

However, we know that these workouts might have paces too slow, inclines too steep or categories that don’t suit your personal effort! 

This is why we have made these workouts easily customisable and can be saved to your own workout list, but the library gives you a good starting point! 

Please note: if you customise a workout from the library, you need to run the workout from ‘My Workouts’ or it will run the un-customised version.

What can I customise?

Any or all of the variables! Whether that be the title/description, effort level or split 3 out of 12! The choice is yours.

How to customise and save to my Workouts

  1. Open the Workout in the Workout library that you want to edit
  2. Click Customise
  3. Edit any/all the data fields you want to change by clicking the Pencil icon or just clicking on the particular data field
  4. Click ‘Add to my Workouts’
  5. Go to my Workouts and run your new workout!

Next, we’ll have a closer look at Custom Workouts – which allow you the full freedom to create your own Workouts.

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