FitCast battery saver mode

You may be wondering what FitCast battery saver mode is, why it is needed and how it works.

Using customer feedback, we added this feature to make using FitCast a lot easier, efficient and effective. 

Simply, Battery saver “off” means that FitCast will keep broadcasting and other apps will not be disconnected at the end of a Workout. This allows you to run another Workout or continue your run without needing to reconnect other apps (e.g. Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy). 

Please note: FitCast itself is only turned on when you enter the run screen.

How to switch on/off battery saver mode

  1. Go to Settings tab
  2. Sign into your account
    (Premium account needed to use FitCast)
  3. Select manage your account
  4. Scroll down to FitCast battery saver
  5. Tick/untick the box

Battery saver mode off

  1. FitCast will automatically turn on when you launch the run screen so you can connect to third-party apps like Zwift
  2. FitCast will not turn off automatically after your Workout ends so you can continue running and broadcasting to third party apps e.g. Zwift, Kinomap without needing to reconnect
  3. You will need to close the app to turn FitCast off

Battery saver mode on

  1. FitCast turns off automatically when you finish a Workout
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