How to add a Kinni Promo Code

If you are lucky enough to have a promo code for activating your Kinni account, this article here will provide all the details you need on how to do this successfully so you can quickly get up and running!

Adding a Promo Code to your subscription

1. Log in to your Kinni app

2. Go to Settings > Manage Your Account > Subscription

3. Select the Package you want to apply the Promo Code to

4. You will be taken to your Desktop version of the Kinni account

5. Return to the ‘Select your Package‘ tab

6. Add in the Promo Code at the bottom of this page, select Redeem code and continue to Checkout

How do I know if I have subscribed correctly?

If the Promo Code has been accepted you will be directed to a page stating your subscription is complete.
If you experience any issues, please contact us using the details below.

Need help?

Please email us [email protected] and we will respond to you as quick as possible.

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