How to change units on Kinni


Everyone is different in how they want to measure things, that’s why we give you the choice!

How to do it

By default the app is set to metric units, which means the data you see with be displayed in metres and kilometres.

You can also set the app’s units to imperial units, which will display the data in feet, yards, and miles.

You can change this setting very easily by doing the following:

  1. Open the Settings screen.
  2. Find the Units of measure section.
  3. Select the units you are most comfortable with.

Your choice should be remembered – even if you close the app.

Important notes

Kinni stores all data in metric units but you can convert these to imperial units if you desire.

Therefore, when you set the unit of measure to imperial, only pace and distance will change. The other data measurements will remain the same.




Below is a short table with some examples:

05:25 per kilometre
08:46 per mile
1.86 kilometres
1.15 miles
463 steps
Heart rate
89 beats per minute
35 steps per minute
Energy used
347 kilocalories

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