How to connect to Zwift

This page contains the instructions how to connect your treadmill to Zwift to run a Zwift workout. It also covers how to connect your treadmill to Zwift to run your Kinni workout. 

Before you begin

There are 2 important things to do before connecting to Zwift.

  1. Either: Download the Zwift app from the applicable App store.
  2. Ensure Zwift has been given the needed Bluetooth permissions. You will need to go into your device settings to allow these permissions (read more).

What Bluetooth does Zwift use?

Zwift used FTMS to communicate with your bluetooth treadmill. FTMS does offer a variety of data and control features, not all of which Zwift currently uses.

How to connect your treadmill to Zwift to run a Zwift workout

IMPORTANT: Zwift will NOT control your treadmill, you will need to change the treadmill settings when you are prompted by Zwift on the screen

Once you are ready to run, fire up your TV or device.

PROTIP: If you are using an iPad, phone, or tablet, rest the device on the treadmill dash, and open Zwift.

Step 1: Turn your treadmill on, and launch Zwift

Step 2: Connect your treadmill to Zwift.

Heart rate monitor users, this is where you can connect.

Step 3: Select your Zwift workout by clicking the blue Training icon under Run type.

Step 4: Click workout.

Step 5: You’re ready to run!

How to connect your treadmill to Zwift and run a Kinni workout

This is done by using a feature of the Kinni app called FitCast

Firstly, you will need 2 devices and a treadmill.

The first device runs Kinni.
The second device runs Zwift. 

To use FitCast is very simple. You can use FitCast with a Custom workoutPreset workout or Just Run.

Step 1: Connect Kinni to your treadmill.

Step 2: Select a workout or Just Run.

Step 3: Turn FitCast on

Step 4: Connect FitCast to Zwift 

Kinni will now control your treadmill and send all the data through to Zwift using FitCast.

More details on how FitCast works here.

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