How to convert a Session into a Workout


Have you ever completed a training session where the incline and speed vary throughout, and after viewing the stats you want to run it again? Well, now you can!
The Kinni app makes it easy to convert any session that you have previously completed into a Custom Workout. Doing this will allow you to run it again (and again) without touching the treadmill controls.

Step 1: Open the Session details

Every Session that the app records is stored in your Sessions list in the Stats tab.
To see the details and analyses of the Session, tap the Session card in the list to open the Details screen.

Step 2: Convert the Session

On bottom right of the Session details screen, there is a (+) button that will reveal additional options when pressed.

From that menu, find and tap the button marked “Convert to Workout”.

This will open a window, where you can give your Workout a name. Once you’re happy with your new Workout’s name – which can always be changed later – tap the Create button.

This will convert your Session into a Custom Workout, and it should appear at the top of your My Workouts on the Workouts tab.

(optional) Step 3: Edit your Workout

You can now customise your new Custom Workout just like any other – use this to clean up some of the timings, or set a better speed, or incline.

Then go run!

Remember, you can always adjust the speed and incline during a Workout!

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