How to create a Custom Workout

Custom Workouts are Workouts that you create yourself.

There are three ways of creating a your own Workout:

  1. With the Workout Creator (which this article covers)
  2. By converting a previous session into a Custom Workout
  3. Customise one of our workouts from the Workout Library and saving to your workouts

Once you have created a Custom Workout, the Kinni app allows you to run the Workout on your treadmill. The app takes full control of the treadmill – leaving you to focus on your training.

You can also use FitCast alongside Kinni so that you can run your workout in other third party apps such as, Zwift and many more. 

Using the Workout Creator

To create a Custom Workout in the app, tap the Workouts tab and select the My Workouts. Select the + in the bottom right of the screen and then tap Create Workout. From here, you can create your Workout by setting your Workout name, and adding & editing Splits.
The best way to understand what the Workout Creator allows you to do is to have a go yourself. If you make mistakes, you can always correct them. Even after you have saved the Workout, you can always come back and customise any of the details.
Here are some more detailed guides about how to do things in the Workout Creator:

We have created a video here to help guide you through creating your custom workouts.

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