How to find a Workout

We know it can sometimes be difficult to find a specific workout in the Workout library, so here are some handy tips:

Finding your workout 

We have created two ways to filter and find your chosen workout from your plan or choose one to suit your fancy!

We have 2 ways to search for your workout:

  • Handy search bar if you know the name of the workout
  • Manually add/remove tags to filter results

We also have different tags that help you find a workout that suits you!

Run tags explained

Run CategoryTraining Plan TypeWorkout Focus (Effort Level)
pace Pace - these sessions are focused on set paces, to help practice race paces or change of paces (most workouts will be in this category).5k Walk (Effort level 1) - generally a brisk walk and will be included in beginners plans
hills Hills - these sessions will include using a treadmill incline or outdoor hills to help build leg strength 10k Easy (Effort level 2) - these runs are done at slow, conversational pace and 60% maximum effort (this may not be the case for beginners so keep the effort as controlled as you can)
track Track - sessions that are great for doing on a track to improve your running speed and are generally focused on track distance e.g. 400m Half marathonSteady (Effort level 3) - 60-70% of maximum effort, you will still be able to have a conversation but your sentences will be shorter!
recovery Recovery - great for the day after a harder workout and should be done at a very easy pace MarathonTempo/Threshold (Effort level 4) - 70-80% maximum pace and will require focus to maintain the pace and it should be controlled efforts that will feel tough towards the end
aerobic Aerobic - helps to improve your overall endurance for the longer distances Hard (Effort level 5) - above 80% maximum pace that will be as hard as you can run for the workout reps!

Here are some more detailed guides about how to do things in the Workout library:

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