How to run a treadmill Workout

The Kinni app allows you to create and run Workouts that control your treadmill automatically.

Running the Workouts in the app is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

To run a Workout you need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Connect your phone or tablet to your treadmill.

Step 2

Select the Workout you want to run from the Workouts tab, and tap Start workout.

 Step 3

Once the app opens the Run tab, tap Ready.

During the run

Once the Workout has started the app controls the treadmill’s speed and incline automatically. 

You only need focus on your training, instead of adjusting the treadmill’s settings.

Adjusting during your workout

You can make dynamic speed or incline changes for specific Splits during the run. 

The circled +/- values above the controls show your Workout adjustments.

Speed and incline controls also work differently when you’re running a Workout. Instead of setting the treadmill’s speed directly, they adjust the Workout’s splits.

These adjustments are smart enough to never go beyond your treadmill’s maximum or minimums for speed and incline, so you can safely adjust them!

It’s important to understand that they also work for both metric and imperial units.


Let’s have a look at two ways of creating Custom Workouts

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