How to upload a Session to TrainingPeaks

The Kinni app allows you to quickly and easily upload the Sessions you record on your treadmill to your TrainingPeaks account.

Step 1: Connect your TrainingPeaks account

First, you will need to connect your TrainingPeaks account to the app.

If you haven’t done so, follow our guide here.

Step 2: Open your Session’s details screen

Find the Session that you want to share from the Sessions list in the Stats tab in the app, and tap on the card to open the details screen.

Step 3: Share the Session details to TrainingPeaks

Tap the floating action bar on the bottom right of the screen to expand the menu, and then tap the Upload to TrainingPeaks button.

This will create a FIT file of the Session, and upload it to your connected TrainingPeaks account.

Auto upload

If you don’t want to manually upload your workout to TrainingPeaks, you can also automatically share your workout with the simple click of a button.

Open Settings tab
Log into your Kinni account 
Select Manage your account
Select TrainingPeaks under linked accounts
Tick the ‘Auto Upload to TrainingPeaks’ box 


  1. Open Settings tab
  2. Log into your Kinni account
  3. Select Manage your account
  4. Select TrainingPeaks under linked accounts
  5. Tick the ‘Auto Upload to TrainingPeaks’ box 
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