Running Calculator

Do you have a goal race time in mind? Unsure what training paces you need to hit?

As runners we all like to set big goals to test ourselves to see what we can do when we put our mind to it. But knowing what paces you need to train at, can be quite hard to understand.

That’s why the team at Kinni have created this training and racing pace calculator in the Kinni app, to help you work it out.

You can then use these paces in your training and Workouts, to hit those hefty goals!

Customise our Workout library with your projected paces and edit your Workout plan to make it just for you! Give it a go, and chase that PB…


How to find the calculator

Open Kinni > Settings  > Scroll down to Experimental Features section

How does the calculator work?

  1. Select Target Distance from the drop down e.g. 5k
  2. Input Target Race goal time
  3. Effort paces will be generated to help guide you workouts
  4. Predictions take your chosen target race pace into account to predict times for other distances
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