Running without a Bluetooth device

No Bluetooth devices, no problem!

The Kinni app can track, record and save all your favourite running data and all you need to do is press GO!

What do we mean by ‘no devices’?

No treadmill, no foot pod, no fancy sports watch.. just you and your Kinni app!

How to run without devices

  1. Open the Kinni app
  2. Select a Workout from the Workout library or one of your own Workouts
  3. Click Run Workout
  4. Click GO

As easy as that ūüėČ

Tips for Outdoor RunningTips for Indoor Running
1. Open Kinni on your phone and watch/follow the workout on the phone screen

2. Add audio prompts to your workout, so you can listen to what the next split is via your headphones or speakers, if you don't want to hold your phone in your hand

Please note: Kinni does not have GPS capabilities (yet!) so, if you want to record your paces outdoors, you will need a foot pod. 

1. Set your phone or tablet up next to the treadmill so you can see the screen easily

2. Take some headphones so, you can hear your audio prompts if the gym is quite loud!

Don't forget to change the speed on the treadmill as you go (no cheating!) 

Choose a Workout

We have a huge selection of workouts in our workout library that are fully customisable but if you don’t fancy one of ours or have your own set training plan, you can create your own!
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