Sharing your workout on your social channels

Smash your session and need to share it with your friends? Now you can!

As you now have the option to create, convert and crush your workouts on the Kinni app, we want you to be able to share these stats with your friends.

You can now share your workout details on your social media channels such as, Instagram, Facebook and more!

It is really easy to do following the steps below after you have finished and saved your workout:

1. Open a Session

2. Select the + icon and select Share

3. Select a previously captured photo by selecting ‘browse’ or take a new photo of your post-workout sweaty-selfie by selecting ‘capture’.

4. Finally, save your photo and share your image and stats wherever you wish using the last icon on the tool bar. 


Session Data
Select the data you want to share (between 1-4 stats) by selecting the tick box icon on the bottom left of the tool bar.

You can also change the transparency of the stats on your image by sliding the brightness bar left to right

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