Training Plans Downloads

Time to pick your plan! Now you have decided a training plan is something that you need, we have created some easy download PDF plans to keep you on track! You can view on your phone/tablet or print it off and stick it on your wall, fridge, garage.. put it everywhere you can to keep […]

Workout library The Kinni Workout library contains lots of workouts that you can choose from, that anyone can run, right away. The Library can be found under the Workouts tab at the bottom of your Kinni screen. These workouts can be customised to suit you, but it gives you a good starting point! We also have […]

Training plans overview

Here at Kinni we want to help you become the best runner you can be! We want to help you prepare for race day, set personal bests, take on new challenges and reach for the stars! That’s why we have created some training plans to suit you! Who are the Training Plans for? You!  The workouts […]