Training plans

Here at Kinni we want to help you become the best runner you can be! 

We want to help you prepare for race day, set personal bests, take on new challenges and reach for the stars!

We have created some training plans for you that you can view digitally and then print out your own Kinni training planner to keep yourself accountable of the training you have done. 

We have some great workouts in our workout library that have been used to create race plans that are aimed at 5k to marathon distances. There are plans for different levels of experience including beginner, intermediate and advanced level to ensure everyone can benefit from our workouts. You can easily find your Workouts depending on what type of run you want to do.

Whatever you need, we have got you sorted!

Sample plan

Training plan levels explained

This plan will take you on a steady journey to your goal race starting with easy runs broken up by walk breaks. The plan will focus on 3 runs per week. It will be useful for people who have done little running in the past but are of a general good health.This plan assumes you have done plenty of running in the past and are committed to running 4 times per week to achieve your goals. This type of plan is great for runners wanting to achieve personal bests after completing race distances.This plan assumes you have been running for a while, you are a very committed runner and are able to run at least 5 times a week. Some of the workouts in this plan are very challenging but will help you to chase some big goals!
Training plans:

Beginner 8 week 5k plan

Beginner 8 week 10k plan

Beginner 12 week half marathon plan

Beginner 16 week marathon plan

Training plans:

Intermediate 8 week 5k plan

Intermediate 8 week 10k plan

Intermediate 12 week half marathon plan

Intermediate 16 week marathon plan 

Training plans:

Advanced 8 week 5k plan

Advanced 8 week 10k plan

Advanced 12 week half marathon plan

Advanced 16 week marathon plan

Don’t forget to download your printable training schedule to document your training!

Download yours here!

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