Using your inclinometer to measure incline

The Kinni app comes with a fully functional inclinometer in the app.

This allows you to measure the incline of your treadmill by holding your phone’s flat edge on the treadmill.

However, incline is more complicated than it would seem at first glance! To explain some of the intricacies, we have written a technical guide on how to precisely measure incline here.


How do I measure the incline of my treadmill?

To measure your treadmill’s incline using the Kinni app:

  1. Open the Kinni app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Open the Inclinometer
  4. Rest your device on its side on the treadmill.


Here is a photo to help explain:

How does this work on a smartphone?

The inclinometer in the Kinni app works with your device’s built-in accelerometer, magnetometer & gyroscope sensors.

We use the sensor readings and the “orientation” of the device (portrait/landscape) to calculate the rotation around a specific axis in space relative to the direction of gravity.

This then gives us a basic representation of the slope of the surface the device is resting on, and this is what we display in the app!

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