Using your inclinometer to measure incline

The Kinni app comes with a fully functional inclinometer in the app.

This allows you to measure the incline of your treadmill by holding your phone’s flat edge on the treadmill.

How do I measure the incline of my treadmill?

To measure your treadmill’s incline using the Kinni app:

  1. Open the Kinni app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Open the Inclinometer
  4. Rest your device on its side on the treadmill.


Here is a photo to help explain:

How does this work on a smartphone?

The inclinometer in the Kinni app works with your device’s built-in accelerometer, magnetometer & gyroscope sensors.

We use the sensor readings and the “orientation” of the device (portrait/landscape) to calculate the rotation around a specific axis in space relative to the direction of gravity.

This then gives us a basic representation of the slope of the surface the device is resting on, and this is what we display in the app!

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