Using your Training Plan

One of the most important parts of starting a training plan, is choosing the right one first!

There are an array of aspects you need to consider before starting your training your plan, which we have explained for you here. Please consider:

  • Experience level
  • Race distance
  • Total weeks required
  • Overall health
  • Current/long standing injuries


Disclaimer: Kinni will not accept responsibility for any injuries during a training plan.

Table of Contents

How to select a training plan

  1. Open the Kinni app
  2. Go to the Plans tab
  3. Go to All Plans
  4. Select your plan
  5. Click Start plan
  6. Once you have selected your plan, it will appear in the My Plan tab.
  7. You can only have one active plan at a time, you can change/end your plan following the instructions further down in this article.
All you need to do to stay on track is head to your My Plan tab and you can view all of your workouts in there.
Each plan and workout has graphs, categories, descriptions, progress bars and the option to change the paces.
Please note: approximate distances on each session are subject to change, unless it is a distance based run, as you are likely to change the paces to suit you!

How to run a workout in your training plan

  1. Open the Kinni app
  2. Go to the Plans tab
  3. Go to My Plan
  4. Click on the workout for the day
  5. Select Run workout


You can run your workout either on a treadmill or device free!

How to choose a different training plan

Sometimes you might change your goals so, we have made it super easy to change or end your training plan.

  1. Open the Kinni app
  2. Go to the Plans tab
  3. Go to My Plan
  4. Click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner
  5. Select End plan

Tracking your progress

Your progress throughout your plan is visible with the coloured icons on the tab at the top of each week.
  • White circle = Workout
  • Green ticks = Workout completed
  • Yellow curved arrow = Workout skipped
  • Black ZzZ = Rest day
  • Black tick = Rest day completed 

Personalising your plan

We understand that the paces in the workouts might be a little easy or hard for your goals or current fitness.

You can implement dynamic speed/incline changes whilst you run that will be saved just for your chosen workout.

Skipping a workout

You can skip any workout in your plan. Just hit Skip instead of Run Workout.

You cannot and should not want to move them into other weeks. Following a training plan requires discipline. If you need to skip a workout due to illness or injury, do not try to make up for lost time in the following weeks. Stick to the plan 🙂

Running a workout not from your plan

You can still run any workout from our Workout library that isn’t in your plan by going to the Run tab. This will not be captured in the My Plan tab or contribute to your plan progress.

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