What are FIT files?

You may have seen in other support articles, we talk about exporting your workouts via a FIT file to Strava, TrainingPeaks and lots of other apps.

Firstly, a FIT file = Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer file which is defined by Garmin. It is a file format that is used to store distance, date, time, calories burnt, heart rate, speed, and other details when using your treadmill. For more details in FIT file content look here.

We have highlighted below the data that is sent via FIT file to the most popular used apps.

FIT files are not done automatically exported from your Kinni app, you will need to manually export this. Exporting your data as a FIT file allows you to share your date with friends, other apps or to save it to your phone/tablet.

Pace per split/average pace (min/km or min/mile)-
Min/Max pace - -
Speed (mph/kph)-
HR per split/average HR/min and max HR (if HRM connected)-
Time in HR and pace 'zones'--
Elapsed time/moving time--
Cadence/average cadence
Elevation (this is not incline % or level)
Training Stress Score (TSS) --
Graph of data-Premium account-

* Please note: Elevation is only exported if you are connected to Zwift or a compatible Footpod.

How do I send workout data to third party apps?

We have created some easy to follow guides on how to do this on the following apps:

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