What are Workouts?

Workouts are a list of instructions that the Kinni app sends to your treadmill.

Workouts allow you to focus on your training without having to touch the treadmill at all!

Here is how Workouts work in the Kinni app:

  1. First, you connect your phone or tablet to your treadmill.
  2. Go to the Run tab
  3. At the top of your screen it will say No Workout Selected.
  4. Tap No Workout Selected to choose which Workout you want to run from the app (either one from our Workout Library or from My Workouts.
  5. Once the Workout is started, the app controls the treadmill’s speed and incline automatically!
  6. You get to focus on your training, instead of adjusting the treadmill’s settings.

Workout library vs My workouts

We have two ways to run a Workout in the Kinni app: Workout library and My Workouts.

Workouts can be adjusted at any point during the run, so if the current Split is too easy or too difficult, you can adjust the speed and incline as you go. Your adjustments will then be locked in for the rest of the Workout (unless you decide to change them, of course).You can also customise any workout before you start! 

What Workouts look like

Workouts are represented as a list of instructions, called Splits, like this:

Each Split in the Workout sets the treadmill’s speed and incline automatically, for a period of time.

Splits are sent to the treadmill sequentially, and the Workout will automatically stop the treadmill once the last Split is completed.

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