What is BitGym?

BitGym is an online and mobile platform, for both iOS and Android that allows you to run real-world tours from the comfort of your own home.

There is a free option with limited tours that you can run both online and offline with your treadmill. However, the paid membership option has many more features and tours for you to make use of.

A really cool feature of BitGym is when you are exploring real-world routes in various locations, the platform shares interesting and fun facts along the way about your chosen tour! Great for physical fitness but also general knowledge 😉

What can BitGym control and why?

We suggest BitGym is best used alongside your treadmill as an activity tracker and a fun, factual and motivational virtual environment.

BitGym can read the speed, distance, duration, steps per minute and heart rate data from the treadmill (not the actual incline). BitGym does not (officially) control the treadmill at all. 

BitGym vs Kinni

BitGym has many pre-defined workouts that may be similar to your own planned workouts. You cannot create your own workout in BitGym.

Top tip: If you love the look of one of BitGym’s workouts, you can create the same workout in Kinni and then run it through BitGym!

Previously, if your treadmill would only connect to one app at a time, using FitCast you can connect to multiple!

To put it simply, FitCast acts as a bridge between different apps and sends the data from Kinni to BitGym. All you data-fanatics, you are going to love it! All you need to do is connect to Kinni, switch on FitCast and off you go!

How does BitGym and your treadmill work together?

BitGym can use the camera on your phone/tablet to track your exercise motion and will adjust the frame rate in the videos accordingly. For example, if you are doing a fast interval session, you can have your surroundings moving fast too so it is more realistic.

There are different workouts available via different tours with a BitGym coach and basic voice prompts but you cannot create your own workout in BitGym. If you are wanting to do a more specific training workout, we recommend Kinni,  Zwift or Kinomap as these platforms provide an enhanced workout option.

There is two ways to connect your treadmill and BitGym together:

  1. Using FTMS Bluetooth on your treadmill
  2. Using FitCast to act as a bridge/virtual treadmill if your treadmill doesn’t have bluetooth

BitGym vs Kinomap vs Zwift

BitGym, Zwift and Kinomap can appear quite similar as they all involve running in an online world with many worlds to choose from!

Kinomap and BitGym both use real-world videos instead of Zwift’s fantasy worlds. 

However, you cannot create your own avatar on BitGym (unlike Kinomap and Zwift). Nonetheless, it isn’t hard to envisage the real-world routes you can envisage very easily that you are really there! Kinomap does not allow avatar creation.

Share your BitGym workout

Once you have completed your workout, you can share an image of your workout data with your friends to your favourite social media channels! You can see the data from your workout such as duration, calories, distance, heart rate and SPM (steps per minute).

Don’t forget to share your workout from Kinni too 😉

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