What is Kinni?

The Kinni app is your new training partner, coach, friend and fitness instructor!

Run a workout that you have created, pick from our Workout library or run the session that has been set for you by your own coach.

Kinni can be used indoors or outdoors because it connects to Bluetooth compatible treadmills, which allows you to run a hands-free customisable session indoors or you can take Kinni for a spin outside once you select your workout!

If you are an avid Zwifter, our new feature FitCast allows you to run hands-free workouts whilst exploring your favourite virtual worlds if you don’t fancy braving the unpredictable outdoor weather!

We are constantly striving for improvements, so keep your eyes out for any social media updates too.

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Table of Contents

Workout library

We have a huge range of workouts available for you to try than can be run on a compatible treadmill or outside in the fresh air! 

All of our workouts are fully customisable so you can add your own warm ups/cool downs, paces and even change the durations if you are limited on time (or want to run longer)!

Notes for treadmill specific workouts:

  • If you change the speed/incline settings during your run, the Kinni app will remember so you don’t need to keep changing it for each split as you run along!
  • You can connect Kinni to compatible treadmills – different treadmills will allow different levels of control e.g. totally hands-free running
  • You can run all workouts in your favourite online virtual worlds e.g. Zwift using our fancy feature called FitCast!

Workout builder

You can also create your own workout, if you don’t fancy one of ours.

You can use our Workout library as inspiration, ask a friend for a killer workout or create the session your personal coach had planned for you!

Voice prompts

If you’re in need encouragement to get you through the tough parts of a session or just to help get you moving if you’re lacking inspiration, voice prompts are what you need!

You can set motivational quotes before or after your workout splits to keep you on track during your run!

Share your workouts

It is really easy to link Kinni to your favourite training platforms such as, Strava or TrainingPeaks so your coach can keep a close eye on you 😉 or you can track your training in one place. You can share these workouts via FIT file too so you can view and share them anywhere!

Also, if you want to boast about your great Kinni workout to your friends, just share it on social media with the click of a button! We love to see your post-session selfies!


FitCast gives your treadmill superpowers!
FitCast acts like a bridge between your devices and Zwift (or other apps). This allows you to use a non FTMS treadmill to work with Zwift, Rouvy, BitGym and Peloton. At the same time you can run your own Workouts using Kinni and let FitCast send the data to these apps.
Image showing how FitCast™ works by creating a bridge between your treadmill and smart training apps

Take the outdoors, indoors

Have you ever done a really good session outside and then thought you wanted to run it again? For example, you might want to hit the same paces in the lovely British winter weather that you did outside in summer. Now, you can convert your sessions to do them over and over again!

Outdoor workouts can only be converted if you were connected to a foot pod, luckily, Kinni connects to those too 😉

Connect your devices 

The Kinni app can easily connect to your favourite wearables by scanning the chosen device from the Kinni home screen. This means you can view all-you-can-eat data to track your training! Kinni can connect to:

You can find a list of known compatible devices here.


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