What is Kinomap?

Kinomap is a paid app for iOS, Android and Desktop that allows you to watch real-world user-generated videos from around the world while you run, cycle, or row on fitness equipment to complete various workouts, time trials and much more!

What can Kinomap control and why?

Kinomap is able to read data from the treadmill so you can view it on the Kinomap run screen and in your workout history/training diary.

There are workouts and training plans to choose from in the Kinomap app to see what takes your fancy! These workouts can adjust some treadmills’ incline for you (if you only are connected to Kinomap only). However, with the new feature in Kinni called FitCast, once you connect Kinni to Kinomap you can now run your own workouts through Kinomap hands-free.

We recommend Kinomap is best used alongside Kinni and your treadmill as an activity tracker and a fun and motivational virtual environment.

Kinomap vs Kinni

You can use the Kinomap platform to create workouts similar to the Kinni app. However, the Kinni app allows you to build custom workouts, and it will control your treadmill hands-free through Kinomap using FitCast.

How do Kinomap and treadmills work together?

You can either train on an existing workout created by the community or Kinomap, but also create your own one, with duration and instructions that suit your needs and expectations.

On the Kinomap app there are many options for workouts you can do on your treadmill:

  • Virtual coaching – mostly indoor videos and advice/voiceovers to help you build fitness
  • Motion videos – outdoor videos the community have created to make your runs more realistic 
  • Multiplayer – race your friends and the community
  • Free ride – run however you fancy!
  • Structured workouts – complete a workout from the featured workouts or create your own
  • Map mode – run a route that has been created from GPS by Kinomap or yourself

There is two ways to connect your treadmill and Kinomap together:

  1. Using FTMS or compatible Bluetooth on your treadmill and running a workout through Kinomap whilst you manually change the speed
  2. Using FitCast to act as a bridge/virtual treadmill to run your workout hands-free

Zwift vs Kinomap 

Zwift and Kinomap can appear quite similar as they both involve running in an online world with your own avatar. The main differences are that Kinomap uses real-life GPS-generated videos of real-world routes instead of Zwift’s fantasy worlds. Also, Zwift has fewer running routes compared to Kinomap.

You can also unlock badges/achievements with both of these platforms to help keep motivation high! 

Kinomap vs Strava/Trainingpeaks

Connecting your Kinomap account to your Strava and TrainingPeaks accounts cannot be done through the app and must be done on the Desktop version. Once you are connected, it is really easy to export your session data to third-party apps from Kinomap. 

Kinomap will track your activities and progress similarly to Strava/TrainingPeaks. You can see the data from your workout such as, duration, distance, speed, power and more.

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