What is Peloton?

Peloton is not only a hardware manufacturer, but they offer a paid web and mobile platform (for both iOS and Android) that allows you to complete thousands of live workout classes with your own instructor. It’s a great way to boost motivation and add something new to your training routine!

Peloton can be used for indoor cycling, running, walking, boot camp, strength, and outdoor (audio-only) classes – but for the purposes of this article, we will just focus on treadmill running.

It is really easy to use and is best used alongside your treadmill to feel part of a live community, boost your motivation, mix up your routine and workout with an instructor guiding you. 

What can Peloton control and why?

The Peloton platform maintains control of what workouts you can follow as this is their key feature! Even though you cannot create your own workouts on Peloton, you will not be short of choice. We suggest Peloton is best used alongside the treadmill and Kinni to provide an instructor-led virtual, motivational environment.

This is where FitCast comes in handy! This allows you to create your workout in Kinni but run it hands-free in the Peloton app 😉

Peloton vs Kinni

If you choose to run a Kinni workout at the same time as a Peloton workout, it is recommended to choose the same workout as this may also get confusing if they are not set as the same workout.

However, if you find a workout you really like on the Peloton app, you can always create the same workout on your Kinni app. The benefits of this are that the Kinni will control your treadmill to allow you to focus on your workout!

Download the Kinni app here: 

iOS | Android


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