What is Strava?

Strava is a free online and mobile platform that helps you track your training, upload your runs, follow other athletes, hand out kudos as well as join clubs and challenges!

Before you can use Strava you need to sign up and make an account. It is really easy to use and is best used as an activity tracker after your run on your treadmill.

More details can be found here on Strava’s features.

Please note: Users can upgrade to the more advanced features for a monthly fee.

Strava and Kinni app

The Strava platform cannot create workouts but the Kinni app can be used to build custom workouts, control your treadmill and then upload the session to Strava

This will let you feel like you have a coach right next to you. 

Download the Kinni app
iOS | Android 

How do Strava and treadmills work together?

The Kinni app will collect the data from your treadmill will and will send the following data to Strava via a FIT file:

  • Distance
  • Pace per split/average pace in (min/miles or min/km)
  • HR per split/Average HR (if HRM connected)
  • Elapsed time/moving time
  • Elevation (if connected to Zwift – this is not incline % or level)
  • Cadence/average cadence
  • Calories

TrainingPeaks vs Strava 

TrainingPeaks has many more features than Strava such as finding a coach to help set goals, buying a training plan, creating your own workouts, setting thresholds and zones and performance management charts.

If you don’t need all of these features Strava is great as it can still track your activities and progress as well as plenty of engagement with followers and friends.

What can Strava control and why?

Strava cannot control your treadmill. It is mainly an activity tracker. Strava combines interactive social features such as leaving comments and kudos for your friends with activity tracking technology like MapMyRun or RunKeeper.

It is not currently possible to record indoor runs on Strava’s mobile platform. 

Please note: If you have a Strava Apple Watch App you can use your watch’s pedometer so you can measure distance. Strava have created a support page to help explain this.


Need further Strava support?

Support is available either through the Strava website or via the mobile app. Further details are provided through the Strava website directly. You will need your login details to submit a request for support.

How to contact Strava if you can’t log in

If you cannot access your Strava account, or if you are not registered with an account on Strava, please send an email to [email protected] 

Social media support

Strava has a dedicated support page on Twitter: @StravaSupport

This provides updates, news and helpful tips on how to make the most of your Strava experience. 

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