What is the Kinni Cloud?

The Kinni Cloud allows you to sync all your workouts, sessions and plan progress across multiple devices. You need to be signed into your Kinni User account to do this!

If you don’t have a Kinni user account, you can create one really easily.

Why sync your data to the Kinni cloud?

  • You want to use a different device e.g. phone or tablet, to what you usually use
  • You want to connect to a different treadmill e.g. at the gym instead of at home

Will Kinni automatically sync my data to the Kinni Cloud?

Your data will automatically be synced when you are signed into your user account. However, if workouts or sessions are not synced, you can do a manual sync of your data either in bulk or one by one.

Troubleshooting: User Accounts

  • Session/workout won’t sync even after re-attempt
    Email [email protected] and we will help!
  • Forgotten your password?
    Click reset password and the Kinni team will send you a reset link via email.
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