What is TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks is an online and mobile platform that helps you plan your training for your goal race, whether you are a new runner looking for a training plan, an experienced runner with a coach, or even if you want to plan and analyze your own training.

Before you can use TrainingPeaks you need to sign up and make an account. There are so many great features on the TrainingPeaks app such as finding a coach to help set goals, buying a training plan, creating your own workouts, setting thresholds and zones, check your progress and performance management charts. More details can be found here.

TrainingPeaks and Go app

The Go app by NoblePro bridges the gap between training programs and having a coach right next to you. Go can be used to build custom workouts, control your treadmill and upload the session to TrainingPeaks and Strava.

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How do TrainingPeaks and treadmills work together?

Your treadmill allows you to upload your sessions using the Kinni app to your TrainingPeaks account. To do this connect your TrainingPeaks account. Once connected you can simply upload the session.

Please note: TrainingPeaks cannot control speed or incline of the treadmill directly from your TrainingPeaks workouts but the Kinni app can.

TrainingPeaks vs Zwift

Another way to use TrainingPeaks with your NoblePro treadmill is through Zwift. When you log in to Zwift and select workouts, you will find the workout scheduled for today under the TrainingPeaks dropdown (if you don’t see it at the top scroll down to the bottom as sometimes it will be last in the list of workout folders). Further information about Zwift with TrainingPeaks can be found on the TrainingPeaks website.

Another helpful article can be found below:

What can Zwift control and why?

The Zwift run platform is only able to read the speed, incline and heart rate data from your treadmill but it cannot control the speed and incline. This is a safety feature imposed by Zwift.

If Zwift were to change this in the future to allow the treadmill to be controlled via Zwift run during use, our treadmill would be able to handle this update. Zwift stated that they may add this feature in the future, but provided no timeframes.

Need further TrainingPeaks support?

Please submit a support ticket through the TrainingPeaks website directly. 

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