Why does my treadmill keep starting when using Zwift?

There have been reports of treadmills starting or resuming a session without user input when connected to Zwift. This issue is solely related to the Zwift app as the treadmills are functioning as per design.

What is happening?

The Zwift app is sending the treadmill start session instructions via Bluetooth every few seconds. This means that when you connect to Zwift it will try and start or resume treadmill session no matter the user input.

Who is affected?

It was identified to effect Zwift App on iOS version 1.0.48093 – 1.0.49821 . There has been no record of issues using the Zwift Android app with treadmills and this should be functioning as expected.

This error will affect all brands of fully FTMS enabled treadmills as the FTMS protocol is globally standardised and used throughout the fitness industry.

How do I fix it?

Zwift App on iOS needs to be updated to version 1.0.49822 or later. If the issue persists please report the issue to Zwift Support here.

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