Workout library

The Kinni Workout library contains lots of workouts that you can choose from, that anyone can run, right away.

The Library can be found under the Workouts tab at the bottom of your Kinni screen.

These workouts can be customised to suit you, but it gives you a good starting point! We also have so many options of how to run your chosen workout indoors or outdoors.

What sort of workouts can I do?

The workouts are categorised and you will be able to be filter them depending on what type of run you want to do. You can fully customise all our Workouts too to make them your own!

Some of the workouts in our workout library have been used to create race plans that are aimed at 5k to marathon distances. 

If you want to follow one of our workout plans, check them out here! Whatever you need, we have got you sorted!

Workout with or Without a treadmill?

Yep! Luckily, Kinni allows you to run connected to your treadmill, outside as a training guide or alongside a non-bluetooth treadmill!

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