FitCast gives your treadmill superpowers. Simply put FitCast enables non Zwift (and more FTMS apps) compatible treadmills to magically become compatible. It also enables touch free structured workouts to control your treadmill in virtual worlds.

How does it work?

FitCast acts like a bridge between your devices and Zwift (or other apps). This allows you to use a non FTMS treadmill to work with Zwift, Rouvy, BitGym and Peloton. At the same time you can run Custom Workouts using Kinni and let FitCast send the data to these apps.

Image showing how FitCast™ works by creating a bridge between your treadmill and smart training apps

Which devices are compatible?

Kinni is able to connect to treadmills, heart rate monitors and foot pods. The list of devices are ever expanding and have been detail here. You are able to connect any Bluetooth enabled device to FitCast.

How to get started

To use FitCast is very simple. You can use FitCast with a Custom Workout, Preset Workout or just run.

Step 1: Connect Kinni to your devices.

Step 2: Select a workout, or just run.

Step 3: Turn FitCast on from Kinni’s run screen.

Step 4: Then, from Zwift (or another app) on a different device, scan and connect to “Kinni FitCast” as a treadmill, foot-pod, and heart-rate monitor!

Kinni will now control your treadmill and send all the data through to Zwift (or similar third party app).

Please note: If you have FitCast battery Saver mode off, FitCast will automatically turn on when you launch the run screen!


What data is sent by FitCast?

The introduction of FitCast means we can send and receive more data from devices and apps than ever before. This provide great flexibility and variety of choices for training with data.

FitCast is able to send the following data:
  • Speed
  • Incline
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Heart Rate
  • Cadence
  • Stride length
  • Calories
  • Elevation

Treadmill + Kinni and now... FitCast

Previously, when running a workout on Zwift or another similar virtual world app, you would have to adjust the treadmill settings yourself whilst you are running pretty hard. This might cause an interval to be missed or changed incorrectly leading to the wrong training session!

However, with the creation of a virtual communication tool called FitCast, you can link your treadmill to Kinni, then switch on FitCast on and enjoy an amazing session without having to touch your treadmill controls!

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